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June 30, 2014 - After almost 20 years in business, Louisiana-based engineering and gas odorants company, Bayou Engineering/Odorization Technology, Inc, will be changing its odorant operations business name to Bayou Gas Odorants. The name change reflects the company's expansion towards providing odorants and odorization services for the natural gas and propane industries.

Bayou Engineering's origins as a full-service provider of engineering design, project management and operation services to the natural gas industry provided the foundation for the evolution into providing gas odorants.

"Over the years our core services allowed us to naturally progress towards providing gas odorant offerings to our customer base," said Thomas Tucker, President of Bayou Gas Odorants. "The name change is the next step towards illustrating what our primary offering has been for some time."




Bayou Gas Odorants now offering odorant tank decommissioning

March 23, 2014 - Bayou Gas Odorants latest service offering includes the decommissioning of aging odorant tanks. Occasionally, due to equipment age or regulatory requirements, odorant tanks need to be taken out of service, or decommissioned.

Bayou Gas Odorants experience and gas odorant expertise allow us to minimize risk of exposure during the tank decommissioning process. We can decommission tanks of any size and age, above or below ground. Any below ground odorant tanks will have the excavated area backfilled.

Prior to the reusable steel being recycled residual gas odorant must be removed. Once this process is completed and the odorant tank is decontaminated the reusable metal is then recycled.




Railcar stenching, one of the latest services by Bayou Gas Odorants

April 17, 2014 - The U.S. DOT has issued a safety advisory regarding maintaining sufficient levels of odorant throughout the transportation process. The advisory is a reminder that under-odorized is considered non-odorized and proper precautions against odorant fade should be taken.

To help customers meet regulatory requirements for railroad tank cars containing unodorized propane Bayou Engineering is now addressing odorant (injection) in stenched railcars.

Please contact us for more information on railcar stenching.