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Choosing the right natural gas and propane odorant provider is important. At Bayou Gas Odorants, we pride ourselves in having the most qualified, expertly trained personnel and ample equipment resources to safely deliver the cleanest, highest quality odorant in the world. With over 100 years combined experience you can count on us for any size delivery, anytime, even to remote locations.


    We maintain odorant delivery trucks employing a unique "closed loop" vapor recovery system which minimizes vapor and nuisance smell releases, as well as a MC331 pressurized tank.
  • Odorant

    Delivery of odorant and servicing of odorizers is Bayou Gas Odorant's business. We pride ourselves in being diversified and agile enough to meet the delivery requirements of clients across the country and Canada
  • Odorizer Equipment

    Our technicians are trained to repair and service many types of odorizer equipment. Our technology to service different gas odorizers continues to grow as we encounter a variety of equipment in the field.
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Jan25 2020

Railcar Stenching , one of
the latest services by Bayou
Gas Odorants

The U.S. DOT has issued a safety advisory regarding maintaining sufficient levels of odorant throughout the transportation process. [ Read more ]

April17 2020